The Authority Background

One of Twitter’s current complaints right now is why James Gunn is choosing to adapt The Authority. Who even knows who they are? Dumbass twitter users ask, the answer is; anyone that actually reads comic books. If you don’t read comics then you get no opinion until the adaptations come out and you watch them, even then 2 points off your opinion for not knowing the source material. So though most of us know who The Authority is and what their role in the DC universe has been, here is a brief history and background to their existence and why Superman will be involved in their story.

The Authority is kind of known as the anti-Justice League. All of the JLA’s ideals and morals just don’t exist for The Authority, they are aptly named. It will be interesting to see The Authority and Superman’s dynamic on screen, as you can imagine putting a “do anything by any means necessary” team with comic books golden boy is an intriguing dynamic with a million possibilities. It could even be an ongoing dynamic with several storylines to work through.

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