Fast and Furious 6

Okay we have hit Furious 6, and as expected we have seen a wild increase in quality in no small part due to the fact that Paul Walker is a part of them. That said it was definitely still a Fast and Furious movie and I am fully convinced that these are just comic book movies without the comic books. Characters don’t stay dead, our characters perform feats that defy logic and physics, formulaic and repetitive storylines, and an overarching, inescapable theme.

Overall Fast and Furious 6 is definitely better then literally all the movies that come after it, and this franchise really did just steadily get worse. We decided that there was absolutely no possible way that we could get through these movies if we were watching them in order. Watching backwards has allowed us to see the quality increase as well as desperately try to piece together the convoluted and at times ridiculous storylines that come with watching this franchise.

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