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Captain America – Comic Book Recs

So we started with the beginning of the MCU with Iron Man, so I am here with more comic book recommendations based on your favorite MCU movie or character. Next we are going to do Captain America. Now we are going to do Captain America as a whole, not just Steve Rogers so your Sam Wilson recommendations will be in here as well.

Now the MCU and the comics are very different. Some storylines follow very close, some are simply touched on and some are blatantly ignored. Now with most storylines it really doesn’t matter whether they follow them or not. And the MCU is really great at taking different plot points, characters and other aspects of random storylines and merging them together. Sometimes they are there to build up an upcoming storyline and sometimes they are just easter eggs for us comic book readers. But as a whole when we talk about comic book recommendations we have to come to terms with and accept the fact that when the medium changes so does the story. Not every story is going to translate well to every medium. Comic books are arguably the most difficult medium to adapt, being mostly pictures screenwriters have fill in a lot of blanks, hence the having to pull from multiple different storylines.


There are a ton of Captain America comics to choose from, and quite honestly you could start anywhere. There are Steve, Bucky, and Sam Captain America comics and they all hold the title in their own ways and I love how different writers explore their characters. But if you want to use their on screen portrayals as a jumping off point then here you go!

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