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Thor – Comic Book Recs

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We are rounding out the comic recommendations for the big 3. We’ve done Captain America and Iron Man so here we are with Thor. Thor is possibly the hardest character to do MCU based comic recs for because his storylines are quite possibly the furthest from their comic book counterparts so some of these might be a little bit of a stretch so bear with me, but more so blame the MCU. Fans that are upset with Thor’s portrayal on screen actually aren’t wrong, I like that Thor’s portrayal is very different from his comic book counterpart but I understand why comic fans would not like the changes.

I think Thor plays an interesting role in the Marvel comic book universe, mostly being the brooding muscle of the team. But he has some really great storylines as well as just being someone that kind of has some very human realities and struggles which is kind of Marvel’s specialties. Taking people that are gods or godlike and making them more human.

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