AMPTP Do Better…

Hollywood is reaching a breaking point, with the writers on strike for almost two months now, the actors about to join them, directors in negotiations, and animators and other kinds of writers getting antsy the AMPTP is in trouble. The audience is going to have to be patient, and support the people actually doing the work to create the things we love.

There are about 1000 TV shows that were canceled too soon, but this doesn’t just apply to shows that were only aired for a single season. Sometimes after multiple seasons the show goes underappreciated and this leads to cancellation. These are some of my personal favorite shows that didn’t give enough attention on the networks they were on and therefore we as the audience didn’t really get closure.

As the WGA strike continues it seems that by the end of this month that SAG will be joining them as they almost unanimously voted to join the strike. The DGA is also currently voting as to whether or not they will be joining the strike, either way Hollywood is being effectively shut down with or without them. Marvel has recently announced new general release dates for several projects due to lots of productions being put on hold in light of the strike. We will undoubtedly be seeing more productions be put on hold when the actors join the picket lines.

We are a month into the writers strike and Hollywood is starting to feel its effects. However executives seem like they are digging in their heels but the WGA is not giving up. And quite frankly the longer it goes on the longer it hurts the studios wallets. Here are a few updates and ways you can support writers as they continue to fight for the future of Hollywood and its creatives.

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