Secret Invasion Ep.1

Secret Invasion has premiered. As Marvel’s latest installment of it’s extensive universe I was immediately skeptical because as a comic book fan Secret Invasion is kind of a big story. So to handle that kind of story as a Disney+ show was already questionable. But then of course we found out that the director was instructed to not read the comics, because of course the MCU version is nothing even remotely similar to the comic book storyline. The only thing they share is a name, now not only is this misleading but it’s unethical. If they had simply come up with a different title and said that it was inspired by Secret Invasion then everything would be fine. But keeping the original title and saying that the MCU was based on the comic book storyline is a blatant lie. It’s also wildly unethical to use the popularity of that story and not acknowledge or pay any of the comic book writers involved in that story. Again a small title change and “inspired by” would have fixed this problem.

Opinion at the end of episode 1: Bullshit. Between the bad cinematography choices, the boring beyond boring pacing and fridging of Maria Hill the first episode of the MCU’s latest installment is nothing short of Bullshit. I expect nothing from this series other then Emilia Clark looking beautiful. I swear to every god anyone has ever believed in, if they kill off Emilia Clarks character I will be personally storming Marvel headquarters. Now if you don’t know but would like to know why I am currently wishing bad things on all male writers of the screen and comics right now, please refer to my podcast episode on fridging.

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