Ranking Disney’s Animated Sequels

Okay so a lot of Disney animated sequels were straight to DVD experiences and significantly less effort was put into them. However some of them are great nostalgic watches and have incredible music (which is how I judge all disney movies anyway). So here we go. I am going to rank all of Disney’s animated sequels from worst to best.


From Atlantis: Milo’s Return to Lion King 2 we are ranking all of Disney’s animated sequels. I would like to note before anyone thinks about it that we are not including prequels. Disney often released something as a sequel that actually took place before the original story. That is by definition not a sequel and will not be counted as such. Real sequels only.

Now that said there are a lot of “sequels” that take place in the middle of the original story for some reason. Though that is still not a sequel by actual standards and definitions I have to include them otherwise this list would only be like 6 movies long. So all of the “mid”-quels are included. No not the slang, I will never call something “mid” I am an intelligent human being with the capability to actually analyze things.

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