White Lotus Season 1

One of the most decorated shows for Emmy nominations is White Lotus. As it is my mission to watch all of the Emmy nominated shows I decided to start here. I have heard some mixed reviews (I mean what else is the internet for?), but I already love the casting and I am intrigued by the idea. So I am going to power through both seasons of the show, so here we go with my first watch of White Lotus.


Tanya is actually just a person who’s clearly been through some shit. And Jennifer Coolidge is definitely the best performance in this cast. Connie Britton is also wonderful, but as wonderful as the cast is, the story just isn’t giving them a lot to work with. Most of the acting is good, as in it is what it should be. Professionals are doing their jobs but nothing exceptional is happening…except for Jennifer Coolidge.

So what I am going to say about this show is that there doesn’t seem to be a plot. A lot happens but there doesn’t seem to be a purpose to it. Plot and theme and purpose are all important. Entertainment for entertainment’s sake is fine but it works better when there is some relatability and purpose to it.

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