Bronze Era Disney

The Bronze Age of Disney took place from 1970 to 1988. Though it was also a solid era of filmmaking it is slightly easier to rank then the silver age. The Bronze Age however has arguably more nostalgia tied to it for Millennials so this list may be slightly less impartial. This era also contains 8 movies as this was before Disney had expanded and started cranking out movies like there was no tomorrow. So here we go, the Bronze era of Disney.

Like I said the Bronze Age was an extremely strong era from Disney, with one of the most consistent times of productions. As we get into the rest of the eras from here the films start to get much more hit or miss. Much more split opinions on the future eras movies. With the Bronze age though you might disagree with my placement you can’t possibly disagree that these are all good movies, the same can’t be said for the future of Disney.

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