Ranking Silver Age Disney

The Silver Age of Disney took place from 1950-1959 and consisted of 8 films, most of which are still pretty popular today. I would argue that this is the first era of Disney that stood the test of time. Even 64 years later the Silver Age of Disney remains the era that really solidified Disney as a household name. This is the era that led to the notary and consistency of Disney as a studio. Now I will say that because of the major increase in quality during this era it is rather difficult to rank them because there are no bad movies, only good and better ones.


This age is truly the most consistent era of Disney. The next couple of eras to follow produced some incredible films as well but none were so close and difficult to rank. The silver age was an incredible age of Disney.

The gap between these movies is just so small, really the only thing separating them now is music and art style and I am desperately trying to not let these rankings come down to personal preference and nostalgia but that might be all I have left. 

*Legitimately had to make a bracket you guys, ranking these movies was the hardest list so far. You know its real because I agonized over it.

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