Ranking Wartime Disney

Continuing our ranking of Disney movies by era we will move into Wartime Disney. There seemed to be some deadtime between the Golden Age and the Silver Age where the only movies produced were ones that people now have largely forgotten about. Many people gloss over this era because it really didn’t produce anything of note. This era of movies are often not even in discussions surrounding Disney movies. But I will not skip an era so we are ranking the 6 movies of the wartime Disney era.

Spoiler alert that the only Wartime Disney movies worth watching now are Fun and Fancy Free (also a literal perfect movie to share with children) and The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Which is a perfect movie to watch with fall coming. It is my favorite Disney Halloween movie.


The Wartime Disney era really didn’t produce anything that special. The highest ranked movies in this era are absolutely still worth the watch even though they definitely lean toward the more underrated movies that Disney has produced. I just couldn’t skip over this era when they did come out with a few influential movies and it’s arguably the era that kept Disney open for production.

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