Ranking Golden Age Disney

The golden age of Disney lasted from 1937 to 1942 and got Disney started with 5 films. These 5 films launched an empire and we are going to rank them from worst to best based on art, story, character and overall tone. I will consider how well they held up but that won’t necessarily figure into the ranking. I don’t think we should expect something from the 30s to live up to today’s moral standards. So here we go.

We are going to rank Disney movies. However I really don;t think you can actually compare something like Snow White to something like Frozen. The worlds they were made in are very very different and context is important to critique. So we are going to do this one era at a time.


Golden Age Disney is what built the company, a couple of the five films suffered pretty big losses but all were overseen by Walt himself. The Golden Age really established Disney’s style and Walt’s legacy. I want to be clear in that I don’t think any of the films from the Golden Age are bad, I think there is a learning curve to anything but Disney came out strong with establishing the kind of studio it wanted to be and the films only got better from there.

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