Ranking Pixar Movies By Era

As we continue with ranking Pixar movies by their eras (eras that I made up and defined all by myself) we move into the Disney Partnership era. This era actually goes beyond their partnership, this era actually refers to the first era of films after Disney purchased Pixar. This first era of the melding companies is actually rather small because as I have mentioned in the first article ranking these films, I decided to split these up completely by vibes and emotion. And I think each of the eras that I broke these into hold a specific set of emotions or intended themes for the audience.

This Disney partnership era consists of only 4 films. I left it at these four films because they feel like the joint company was gearing up for something. Like these films were so individually incredible that they were ushering in a new era of animated brilliance. The films in this era remain some of the fan favorites, as well as children’s hyper fixations. 


I think this era was a real turning point for Pixar, and not because their films weren’t emotional before or because now Disney owned them, but because they really started to dig into some heavier content and I think that as they have continued with that trend they’ve become one of the most impactful companies in the industry. There is no bad Pixar movie, some are loved more, some hold more nostalgia, but there are truly no bad movies (these sequels we keep getting do not count).

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