Ranking Pixar Movies

Alright y’all we have completed ranking Disney movies so I am moving on to Pixar. Most animation fans would agree that Pixar movies are the best of what Disney has to offer. Now Pixar movies aren’t really broken into eras like straight up Disney films are so I am going to break them into eras because I really do think that in each era you can see and feel a trend in these films and how they are broken up. My eras are going to be broken up by what feelings, or intentions I think each collection of movies give off. Also Pixar has really never stopped releasing films. Its largest gap in production was in between Toy Story and A Bug’s Life and that was a period of 3 years. Since then Pixar has steadily released films every year or every other year, even during COVID. So there was no logical time period to break these movies into. 


So let’s start in the Inaugural era of Pixar, or its Pre-Disney era. Now when I say pre-Disney I mean that they were not yet owned by Disney. When Pixar started producing movies they built a partnership and an agreement with Disney and that is how they produced all of the partnered films from 1995-2006, which is the length of our first era. This slate of movies consisted of 6 films that are Pixar’s best films. No debate this is Pixar’s most solid collection of movies, making them very difficult to rank but here I go anyway.

Overall I think this is Pixar’s most solid slate of movies. Yes Pixar continues to produce near perfect films but as a whole era, an entire set, the inaugural era, the pre-Disney era is its strongest.

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