Nerd Updates for the Week

Hello all! I am having an exceptionally bad day and did not have the time or mental/emotional energy to give ya’ll an entire, in depth article. I apologize for that but here we are. So here are your nerd updates for this week.

Nerd Update #1

Rotten Tomatoes is officially losing its credibility. Which I find absolutley hilarious because no one worth their salt has used rotten tomatoes as a metric for a movies quality, ever. Rotten Tomatoes has been outed as a site that is routinely review bombed by critics who are paid to either tank or praise a movie. Therefore destroying its credibility to the general public.

Nerd Update #2

Gen V, the new spinoff of The Boys from Amazon Prime finally has a release date of September 29th. The spinoff is takes place in college with some young adult supes. I’d imagine if Vaught can’t control grown adult supes, college kids are going to be that much more fun. There is opportunity for cross-over but definitely enough material for it to stand on its own.

Nerd Update #3

The writers strike is reaching 120 days and the AMPTP still refuses to negotiate in good faith with the WGA. Actors and writers are now to the point where they are losing homes and apartments but they have used that as motivation. They are bonded together, closer then other and the AMPTP has absolutley no chance of winning this. WGA Strong.

This concludes your nerd updates for the week. We will continue with our regularly scheduled programming this weekend with ranking Pixar movies, a YouTube video on my Revenge rewatch and hopefully a Twitch stream on my solo Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough.

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