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For the past 2 years my sweet, sweet husband has been trying to get me to play videogames. He has tried 6 different games so far and has yet to get me to sit for longer then 10 minutes. I have a very shot attention span and I get very very bored, very very easily. When he tried to get me to play The Last of Us, I got bored right after Joel’s daughter died…ya know before the game even actually starts. That is made only more embarrassing by the fact that I loved the TV show.

That said I love DND. I DM more often and I haven’t actually gotten the chance to play Dungeons and Dragons in a very long time. So when Baldur’s Gate 3 came out my husband got very excited because he knew that if he had a chance of getting me to sit and play a video game it would basically just have to be dungeons and dragons.

So for the last few weeks my Patrick and I have been playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and I have been playing a super hot Bard named Calliope. But I just started my solo playthrough as an equally hot barbarian, Mauve. So here we go my second only stream as Mauve the barbarian.

In addition to this solo playthrough I am also attempting to figure out other videogame mechanics. My husband really loves playing and I would like to play more games with him so I will also be trying out games I think are interesting in an attempts to get better as a whole so that we can play together.

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