They’re Taking the Hobbits to LACC!

Last year I had the pleasure of going to Los Angeles Comic Con. It was my first comic book convention and I was beyond excited to go, especially considering that Lord of the Rings and The Boys are two of my favorite pieces of media to watch and rewatch. I got to be front and center in the Press pit for The Boys cast (all of my favorite characters by the way), and I also got to see Sean Astin and Elijah Wood. I got to watch my literal favorite actor of all time and his buddy Elijah Wood reminisce about their time doing Lord of the Rings as well as tell us all about their favorite video games and projects that they’ve done.

So when I started to think about Los Angeles Comic Con this year, I got super excited thinking about who might be there this year. As this is the kind of convention that keeps adding people to the appearance list right up until the convention. Of course some guests have been announced already and I couldn’t be happier that not only are we getting Sean Astin and Elijah Wood back, but we are also being joined by their hobbit buddies.

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