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Universal Studios Day 1

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Our first real stop in Florida will be Universal studios. My father got us tickets for 2 days but a special was happening so we really have 5 day park hopper tickets. We definitely won’t be using all of the days but I have a schedule for the 2 full days that we will be using, plus the halfday for horror nights. So we are going to take this day by day and I will go ahead and preface this with; our Universal days are going to be much more relaxed then our Disney days if for no other reason then we are season passholders to Hollywood and I have no problem spending two whole days in the Harry Potter section of the park.

We are going to be very busy and there is lots to do but I am hoping with my very well thought out plan we are able to do everything that we want to. I feel like I know how to navigate amusement parks pretty well and I am very efficient so I am hopeful. Now we might be hindered by the fact that my joints don’t work the way they are supposed to but I bought myself a cane so theoretically I’ll be in less pain.

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