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Gen V

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The long anticipated The Boys spin off is now released on Amazon, well the first 3 episodes are. Gen V takes place in The Boys universe but focuses on college age kids and their superpowers. The show’s plot focuses on the kids at this university using their powers to fight for top rankings, and a chance to join The 7.

The first episode has a suicide and self-harm tag so just be aware of that. It’s always something that I pay attention to, and for me personally it wasn’t triggering. Remember that this is an extremely gorey show so the normalized self harm is not at all the same.

Overall the show fits right in with The Boys universe. I love that it centers on a younger demographic and while things are still run and orchestrated by Vought they aren’t the central story. The Boys is wonderful at focusing on its central cast and Vought as a company but we see very little of the world outside of Supes vs The Boys. Gen V seems to be doing a great job of filling in that extra space. I look forward to the rest of the season and I hope it leads right into the release of Season 4.

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