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Dancing with the Stars

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Okay so I had never seen Dancing With The Stars before this season. When I started ballroom dancing it was something that I was vaguely aware of but really had no desire to watch. Students bring in videos all time of dances from that show that bear no resemblance to actual dancing. They have fun tricks and fancy set pieces but for the most part Dancing With The Stars is not dancing. But the existence of Alyson Hannigan on the show this season has broken me down and we are watching, so here are my very qualified thoughts. Please remember this is coming from an internationally certified ballroom dance instructor who is also a rhythm champion and a smooth and standard finalist.

The show would be more entertaining if I didn’t know what I was talking about. But honestly right now it’s actually physically painful. I am living for Jason Mraz and Xochtil Gomez (also Ariana, Adriana?) because they are truly phenomenal. But everyone else should…take some actual lessons after the show.

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