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The Meg 2 – Review

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I vaguely remember seeing The Meg at a drive in theater during shark week. And though I personally am very confused by the fascination with shark movies I think The Meg is a delightful kind of bad. So when I found out that The Meg was getting a sequel I was very excited. You know a movie is going to be plotless when it stars Jason Stathem. So here we go with my thoughts on The Meg 2: The Trench.

Overall the film was lazy, underwhelming and bad. And not bad in a fun way, I will probably watch this movie a lot kind of way. In a truly, why did we waste money on this at all? kind of way. It was a cool concept. I think there were at least 3 movies worth of good ideas in there, none of which were developed or executed correctly. I had high hopes because I really love bad but entertaining movies (part of the reason the Fast and Furious franchise even exists) but this was not fun, it was upsetting. Bring back the days of bad shark movies with good visual effects because that’s what we all want anyway.

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