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Gen V Ep.5 – Sam

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We left off episode 4 with Emma getting all big trying to subdue Sam at the doctors house. And there is this really hard cut and our characters don’t seem to remember anything from the night and day before. So we are missing big giant chunks of time from a very intense moment. And though it seems like it was just a giant party there seems to be more going on.

The character and plot development on this show is crazy good. Specifically the entrance of Sam and his mental health storyline is amazing. It’s only getting me more hyped for the next season of The Boys to drop. But it also really does stand on it’s own. I knew the show was going to be good after the first couple of episodes but this is truly some amazing television being experienced right now. Eric Kripke is on fire and I can not wait for the rest of this season, and I am already hoping we get another

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