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Invincible Episode 1

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First episodes are like thesis statements for the season. It sets up the main points and character conflicts that we are going to follow throughout the season. Invincible episode 1 of the second season does this perfectly. We have 3 main points that we are going to be following throughout this season. Season 2 does promise to be a little crazier than season 1.

The first episode gives the audience an insight into what the world would have looked like if Mark had teamed up with Omniman. We get to see what a post-apocalyptic version of earth would look like. We are then taken from this alternate dimension to our main universe where we know Mark fought Omniman.

Main Plot Points

Our first main point of season 2 is that we have an interdimensional traveler. And he seems to want to bring the “best” parts of the other dimensions to our dimension. His plan goes awry and now he has vowed revenge against Invincible. 

Our second main point of season 2 is that Mark is trying his best to prove that he is not his father. Watching him do whatever he can to save people, and help first responders is very surreal. He is clearly very depressed and trying to fight it by fighting crime. Classic superhero stuff. 

Our third main point is that this new superhero team now has new leadership. The Immortal is back and he is leading the team. However he has a mistrust of Invincible which is going to make for some friction anytime the team has to work with Mark. 

We are sure that there are going to be plot twists galore but more than that hopefully this season will tie up some loose ends that were left open at the end of season 1. We know that this show is hopefully going to go on for a few seasons longer so we can also expect that this season will set up some future plot lines as well.

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