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Gen V Ep.7 – Killing Supes

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We are rounding to a close on the first season of Gen V and it has been a well paced rollercoaster. I am very invested in this show. The younger characters are written very well and are easy to connect to. I like seeing the younger generation get a handle on their powers and struggle with their morality before they are grown up and Vought pushes them into the spotlight. When we last left off in episode 6 with our group now popped back into the real world and out of Cate’s mind. Our latest plot development is that the virus that The Woods has been producing and testing on Supes isn’t really about controlling them or even making them sick, it’s about killing them. Dean Sheddy is hoping this virus can be made contagious to theoretically eradicate the Supes from the world. I don’t think I’m reaching in saying that we can probably expect another death before the end of the season. As killing supes seems to be the main goal of the humans this season.

From what we know as of right now this season of Gen V leads right into season 4 of The Boys, which will lead right into season 2 of Gen V. So we know what the timeline is and we know that we are getting a second season of this amazing TV show. We really won’t know the full scope of what will play in season 4 of The Boys until after the next episode. But we know that there will be some kind of impact from this show. There has to be now that we have a virus that is killing supes.

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