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Winter Musicals

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As the wintery cold sets in we are not just watching Christmas movies but we are also watching some winter time musicals. We should know that I am a theatre kid in my heart so we can’t get through the holiday season without me watching some of my favorite musicals. Now as I was trying to explain to my husband earlier each genre of music has seasons. My summer musicals would be like South Pacific, or Shrek. Whereas Fall would be Les Mis and Sweeney Todd. Each musical score has a lot of feelings attached to it and the musicals on this list have sweet, cozy, wintery vibes attached to them which makes them perfect for the end of the year. So now that we have established feelings and vibes, let’s go through some of the best winter musicals.

I think there is no better feeling than curling up in bed on a rainy day with an adorable and fun musical. Of course there are a few more holiday specific musicals like White Christmas, Elf, and A Christmas Story (Yes there are musical versions of those last two) but they seem too on the nose for me. I would much rather sink into the feeling of rain and winter with these musicals. All of these are available on Amazon Prime through Broadway HD which is a must have if you are also a theatre nerd. 

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