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Harry Potter Reboot

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So by now everyone has heard that HBO is remaking Harry Potter into a show…and as you can imagine I have many many thoughts on the subject. But the general internet opinion is that this is a terrible idea that no one wants. Now the reality is that there are a few straw book fans who think they want this show, now I say they think they want it because if they thought about it with any amount of common sense they would realize that it is in fact a horrendous idea. So here we go: all the reasons why a Harry Potter TV show is the stupidest idea in industry history.

All of these points are non negotiable and fully factual so let’s not. The reboot is a terrible plan and I hope HBO loses so much money they don’t even finish through season 3. My personal prediction is that everyone is going to hate watch the first season, they will confuse that with success, the second season’s ratings and streams will drop drastically. The third season will start hemorrhaging money, the fourth season will go unwatched and HBO will scrap seasons 5,6 and 7. Now of course I want it to fail sooner then that, but this seems like a more likely series of events. I would also like to add that though HBO has some successful shows (The Last of Us, House of the Dragon) they are also known for fully erasing projects that they think maybe, might not make them money (Westworld, Batgirl) even if you wanted this and there weren’t a million reasons that it would suck, HBO as a network is not under a direction that would make this project safe. HBO’s current leadership as well as JKR’s involvement points to nothing but an expensive failure. So for the people who are actually (and stupidly) excited about this, don’t get your hopes up. If you hated the movies as adaptations I promise you this is going to be so much worse.

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