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Scarlet Witch Comic Book Recs

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Next up on our list of comic book recommendations is the one, the only Scarlet Witch. Now I really had to narrow this down because if you have followed me for longer than two seconds then you know that Wanda Maximoff is my favorite comic book character so I have many recommendations for general enjoyment but I will try my best to keep them as MCU related as possible.

Really you can’t go wrong with Scarlet Witch comics, I am a firm believer that you should read all of them, though that would take you a little while. We are at the point where Wanda Maximoff has appeared in nearly 1,200 comic books. As the MCU decides to expand on her character I really hope they draw from her rich comic book storylines. As the MCU stands now there are many directions they could go that include storylines that already exist in the comics. As a fan I hope that they  stop ruining my favorite character and go back to giving her the respect that she deserves.

If you are a Scarlet Witch fan the way I am, I have also included the Scarlet Witch reading order google doc that I use to keep track of my comic book inventory. Viewer link only, but feel free to use it to track your own collection and guide your comic book buying. I am also working on reading order lists for some of my other favorite comic book women including Silver Sable, Spider-Gwen, and Raven.

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