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Black Widow Comic Book Recs

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We’ve been doing comic book recommendations based on your favorite MCU movie and character. Now this next one is going to be slightly more difficult because of the way the MCU just completely butchered the character of Black Widow. Many comic fans absolutely hate her on screen portrayal so if you liked it at face value, don’t bother with the comics. If you liked it because that’s the only badass woman representation we had in the MCU then these are the comics for you.

Overall there is actually so much material for Nat in the world of comics. Natasha has been expanded upon so much in the last few years especially. I will also just recommend anything that Kelly Thompson has ever written in general, but definitely read all of her Widow stuff, there is plenty. Comic book Natasha has wonderful storylines and it truly is the badass that we all wanted to see on the big screen. Her earlier appearances are as over sexualized and useless as her MCU entity but most if not all of her solo excursions have given her more agency and adventure.

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