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Comic Book Reading Order – Pt. 1

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If you are an avid comic book reader like me, or you want to be it can be extremely difficult to sort through the thousands of comics that exist. Now I am a firm believer in just following a single character at a time. There are lots of crossovers and team comics and that can be wildly overwhelming. However if you pick your favorite character and just focus on collecting and/or reading just runs that they are included in then it really simplifies the process. I have compiled Scarlet Witch’s reading order as well as Silver Sable’s.

I am also working on Squirrel Girl, Raven, Spider-Gwen and Zatanna. If you would like to request a compiled reading order for a specific character please let me know. Otherwise I will keep doing them for my favorite characters and they will be a bunch of female characters. These are my current inventories so some are crossed out already…The next phase of this is going to be DC characters but I thought I’d start with three of my favorite Marvel women.

The reading order is as accurate as I could possibly get, comic books have the capability of becoming very convoluted. The years are…somewhat accurate. Mostly to keep the Avengers titles straight. The solo titles are pretty straightforward. I’ve also included links to buy some collected works of these characters to make your collecting easier. Individual issue collection is a massively expensive and time consuming undertaking. Don’t be a hero, buy collections.

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