The Infinity Saga

The MCU version of the Infinity Saga was great for what it was, but the reality is there were very many characters missing. So if you liked the infinity stones and the stories that surrounded them then the comics are going to be great for you. Now the MCU did what it does best and that is combining several comic book storylines to recreate and refresh them on screen. So just reading one title won’t really give you the fullness of the story. So here we go with comic books to read if your favorite MCU movie is Infinity War (or Endgame). There are also plenty of tie-in stories and other infinity titles to read as well.


Now I want to reiterate that the feeling of reading the Infinity Saga is going to feel very different then watching the movies. The MCU took a lot of inspiration from the comic book storylines but they were missing key players from the comics and therefore the stories are vastly different. However they are arguably more intense, though you won’t have the 10 years of emotional build up before reading them. They are great stories and if you enjoy the MCU versions I am sure you will also enjoy the comic book versions. 

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