Mishandled Adaptations – Superheroes

In a world where both the MCU and DCEU exist we have been blessed with some excellent live action adaptations of our favorite superheroes. But nearly as frequently we have seen these characters be completely misused and mishandled. Almost like those writing for these characters don’t even know who they are. Wikipedia is free and the literal least you could possibly do. However I am a firm believer that if you are going to write a comic book movie you need to read the most important storylines for the character or characters that you are handling and I will die screaming on this hill. I am sick of poorly handled superheroes. So here we go the characters who were done the dirtiest in their live action adaptations.


I will not be including Thor on this list because I like his MCU version and don’t consider him mishandled so suck on it. I am one who doesn’t think that the stories adapted ever need to be comic book accurate but I should be able to tell that it’s the same character, and some of these are borderline unrecognizable. There is no excuse for billion dollar companies to not hire a few comic book nerds with the authority to slap some of these writers upside the head. Do better. 

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