Theater Camp Review

Calling all theatre kids! Theater Camp was a spectacular, hilarious, heartfelt film that made me feel far too many things. From the casting to the independent film style, Theater Camp delivered an overwhelmingly emotional experience. Ben Platt not only starred in the film but also helped write and produce it. So there is no doubt that this movie is by theatre kids, for theatre kids. If you were a theatre kid at any level I promise that you will have some very strong ptsd flashbacks in the best way possible.

Perhaps the best thing about this movie was the emotional and moving ending song. It made me feel just like every finale of every musical theatre show that I have ever experienced. It was beautiful and I did in fact tear up. The songs are actually hilarious, and their full versions are available on the soundtrack. Overall I really really loved the movie. We listened to finale songs the whole way home and then I started rewatching SMASH because I was in full musical theatre mode after that. The film was a solid 10/10 and that’s due to the fact that it was short, and sweet. It knew exactly what it was and it was concise and accurate to the people it was portraying. I highly recommend going to see Theater Camp and dragging all your non theatre friends with you. 

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