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  • Baldur’s Gate Stream

    Baldur’s Gate Stream

    Well we’ve seen me play games by myself and I will continue to do that, but the reason I started playing was to do so with my husband. It is good couple quality time. So this stream is me and my husband playing Baldur’s Gate 3 together.

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  • Baldur’s Gate 3

    Baldur’s Gate 3

    I consume lots of different kinds of media; books, comic books, movies, tv but one thing that I could never get into was video games. I generally prefer my media to be slightly less interactive. I get bored easily and to be totally honest I don’t have a very large attention span so having to…

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  • Never- Twitch Stream

    Never- Twitch Stream

    Okay so this is one of my first Twitch streams ever, my first one ever that wasn’t Baldur’s Gate 3. Now I am trying to expand my video game horizons and allow the internet to help me by straight up explaining things and suggesting other games that I might like. I would eventually like to…

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