From the Darkness, my debut comic book is now live on Kickstarter! I am so proud of this story and I would love to have the means to finish it so please consider backing this book!

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  • Ranking the Superhero Movies of 2023

    Ranking the Superhero Movies of 2023

    Many movies were watched this year, even among one of the biggest strikes in entertainment industry history. That said not all of them did well at the box office. We know by now that box office numbers mean absolutely nothing to me and they are no indication of quality. We…

  • Invincible – Debbie Grayson

    Invincible – Debbie Grayson

    Episode 3 of Invincible season 2 gives us a slight change of scenery. We spend very little time on earth and more time exploring some things that were set up in season 1. Our friend Allen the alien is back to a disappointing end. The time we do spend on earth is spent dealing…

  • The Marvels Review

    The Marvels Review

    The Marvels is finally out. This is something that I have been waiting for a while now as the release date was delayed. There is always hate on the internet but I am very happy to say that haters on the internet are very very wrong. This movie was fun…

  • From the Darkness

    From the Darkness

    I have written a new independent comic book called From the Darkness. It is a story about overcoming stereotypes and fighting the pressures and expectations that are put on teenage girls by society. Its actually a story that gets really dark but with adolecent depression on the rise I think…

  • Gen V

    Gen V

    The long anticipated The Boys spin off is now released on Amazon, well the first 3 episodes are. Gen V takes place in The Boys universe but focuses on college age kids and their superpowers. The show’s plot focuses on the kids at this university using their powers to fight…

  • Gaming at LACC

    Gaming at LACC

    As we get closer to Los Angeles Comic Con more and more news is being released as to what con goers can expect. We know we have the Hobbit boys to look forward to as well as an appearance by The Doctor himself, Matt Smith. But if you are more…

  • Forest of Geek Reels

    Forest of Geek Reels

    Some shorts from SDCC panels posted on the Forest of Geek YouTube Channel

  • SDCC Recap

    SDCC Recap

    Okay guys this is the last SDCC recap I promise! This one actually contains panel clips!

  • Secret Invasion Finale

    Secret Invasion Finale

    I purposefully put off watching the finale of Secret Invasion because it is easily one of the worst shows that I have ever watched. Not just the worst Marvel show…the worst show…like ever. It’s truly terrible with absolutely no redeeming qualities and I promise nothing that happened in Secret Invasion…

  • Invincible, Marvel and More-SDCC Announcements

    Invincible, Marvel and More-SDCC Announcements

    SDCC was filled with lots of announcements which of course everyone who wasn’t there has heard about by now. But hearing it from the people actually granting us more nerd content was a truly wonderful experience. Plenty of things social media has already jumped on but I want no nerd…